What’s that cry from New Plymouth? It’s a lament for the further dismantling of our democracy

April 14, 2014

It’s a struggle for the champions of democracy to stem the rising tide of co-governance arrangements that make a sham of electing our councillors and (before long, you can be sure) members of Parliament.

They have cause to feel like that Canute feller trying to hold back the incoming tide.

Trouble is, being a champion of democracy can’t be squared with the modern-day need to recognise that our indigenous people are special people.

Democrats expose themselves to the charge they are racist and reactionary if they resist proposals to appoint our special people directly to positions of power and influence in our governance arrangements.

They certainly have been chided by a New Plymouth city councillor for having the gall to resist giving local iwi members a very special place – and very special privileges – in the city’s decision-making system.

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Another freedom is about to be crimped as the bureaucrats move in on campers

January 8, 2011

Labour's response to a violent attack on this campervan? It wants more education of campers.

So some bugger from Christchurch – no surprises there – has been arrested for allegedly trying to set fire to a campervan with two people in it.

Alf is obliged to use words like alleged because this bloke has been charged with attempted murder.

According to the cops, they were called to a Tasman District Council reserve at Tamatea Point in Pakawau, between Collingwood and Farewell Spit, about 5.50am after a couple said someone had shot at, smashed and attempted to set fire to their campervan.

If the couple have given a correct account of what happened, then the someone who did the shooting, smashing and attempted burning has behaved in a very anti-social way.

So what would the Labour Party do?

Oh, yes. It would make campers clean up their act.

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Consultation is the name of the game – and it’s a thriving industry, too, for special people

August 6, 2010

Non-Maori had better get used to the idea they must play second fiddle to Maori, especially now that the Government has signed that United Nations stuff which recognises our indigenous people as “special”.

One of the benefits of being special is that you get to be consulted on all sorts of things.

Maori obviously have had some say in the naming of streets in Havelock North, for example. Non-Maori can like it, lump or piss off and live somewhere else.

Alf makes these observations on reading about a fuss over the naming of Te Heipora Place, named after the principal wife of a bloke called Te Hapuku, who is described as an important chief in the area in the 1870s.
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Let the community decide

September 18, 2009

(as dictated to Mrs Grumble)

The boss of Local Government NZ is blessed with the sort of common sense Alf hopes to see shown by Lands Minister Maurice Williamson, when he decides how Wanganui should be spelled.

He issued a statement today headed Let the Wanganui people choose
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Local authorities are given a water break

June 24, 2009

A great move from the Government today will take the heat off hard-pressed local authorities struggling to bring their water supplies up to standards demanded by the Clark Cabal.

The announcement came jointly from Health Minister Tony Ryall and Local Government Minister Rodney Hide; they announced the Government has delayed requirements for communities to meet new drinking water legislation by three years.

This will be welcome in Eketahuna, where we’ve had problems trying to meet absurdly high quality standards.

Mr Ryall says “The government will also be reviewing the cost, benefits and administrative burden of the legislation. We know local communities have been wanting such a review for some time.”
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