The sorry thing about Nick and the Pullar woman is that he won’t be sacked

March 21, 2012

"What else should I be saying sorry for?"

Just quietly, Alf has been struggling to suppress his urge to join the Labour tossers in demanding Nick Smith’s head.

They reckon he is not fit to lead the Government’s local government reforms and must be sacked.

This follows Nick doing something Alf would never do: he apologised.

The advice never to apologise was drummed into Alf by his dad.

Nick, obviously, was not blessed with such sound parental guidance.

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Some things – like putting $3.4 million in a Super City Maori trough – can’t wait for debate

February 9, 2011

Apathetic Kiwis are curiously oblivious to the way the Treaty of Waitangi is being invoked to debase the democracy their forefathers fought to defend in two world wars.

A few months ago, they made bugger all fuss on learning that fewer than two dozen people will select members for the Super City’s Maori Statutory Board.

An iwi selection group made up of 19 tribally-drawn members was set up to go through nominations for seven “mana whenua” or iwi representatives and two others known as “mataawaka”members.

Mana whenua representatives were being split between Ngati Manuhiri, Marutuahu, Waiohua and Ngati Whatua.

Full credit to political commentator Matt McCarten for being among those who expressed outrage.

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If Maori advisory boards aren’t working, let’s save public money by scrapping them

October 16, 2010

Sandra Lee back in the news? Yep.

Alf had thought she had put herself out to pasture some time back, but she popped up on Radio NZ to blat about Maori representation in local government.

She insists the Auckland Council must act immediately to provide for Maori representation.

This is odd, because Alf was sure he had heard an interview on Morning Report earlier in the week with a Maori bloke who had been elected to the council.

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A good old-fashioned sacking worked in Canterbury – so why not with the maddening Mayor of Moscow?

September 29, 2010

Moscow's Red Square early in August ... can anyone see the Mayor?

Alf is delighted to report that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has taken a leaf out of the Key Government’s book on how to deal with pain-in-the-arse local body politicians.

Dmitry has sacked Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov.

This Luzhkov bloke has been Mayor of Russia’s capital since 1992.

Sky News credits him with transforming Moscow from a grey Soviet city into a glitzy, gritty showcase of the nation’s booming economy and its glaring problems.

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A dry argument about owning water

October 30, 2009

Alf apologises for being somewhat tardy in reporting a significant ruling from Mr Speaker yesterday.

He has been minded to alert readers to the ruling while adding a bit of water to his scotch and musing on ownership rights to his drink and its contents.

Mr Speaker said nobody owns water.

This could be put to the test, of course, by running off without paying for a few bottles of the stuff sold in fancy plastic containers at an outrageous price to fuckwit consumers.

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Mayor bridles at attendance check-up

May 31, 2009

Good grief. How did North Shore ratepayers finish up with such a grouchy bugger as their mayor.

In today’s report on attendance at local body meetings, the Herald on Sunday says its requests for meeting attendance records received different responses at the five major councils around Auckland.

Manukau City and Waitakere City supplied full details promptly. Auckland City met our request a day later than agreed.

The Auckland Regional Council agreed to provide the figures but later said they couldn’t because staff were away sick. And North Shore City directed the Herald on Sunday to minutes on its website.

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Playing Hide and seek over restructuring costs

May 7, 2009

Gotta say Rodney Hide is shaping up as much too gung-ho about the Auckland restructuring, and not half as concerned about the implementation costs as his track record on accountability would have us believe.

This is the bloke who demanded rigorous cost and benefit data on the matter of the emissions trading scheme (for which Alf applauded him).

Now he is playing funny buggers with the super-city implementation costs, which is very odd, for someone who was so strong on accountability in opposition days.

This is very disappointing to Alf. When super-city plans were unveiled a few weeks ago, this blog observed there was an absence of cost-benefit numbers, but expressed confidence Hide would come up with them.

Not only is he fudging the issue. He is giving Labour’s Phil Twyford a bloody firm platform for political grand- standing. Letting a Labour lightweight look good is unpardonable.

Giving the Speaker good grounds to rebuke him for failing to answer a straightforward question wasn’t smart of Hide, either
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Allowing more snouts into the trough

March 2, 2009

Rural people should be heartened to hear the Government is making a bigger splash than Labour did on the irrigation issue.

In the Tararua area we don’t get desperately short of water.

But it’s big deal in Canterbury and the Government is widening access to the Community Irrigation Fund to enable local bodies to dip their snouts into it
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