Louisa is on the warpath again, this time for more sex-change funding – but at whose expense?

June 29, 2015

Alf notes with great admiration the efforts of Labour MP Louisa Wall to turn lots more blokes into sheilas and lots more sheilas into blokes.

Ms Wall, for constituents who might have forgotten, is the Labour bint who introduced the legislation that legalised same-sex marriage.

Now she is banging on about the transgender community needing more support than it is getting from the Government.

More particularly, she wants taxpayers to cough up for more transgender folk to get the surgery they crave to turn them from one gender to the other.

She said more than 60 people were on the waiting list for sex reassignment surgeries and action needed to be taken.

“These are people who are wanting access to what is a medical procedure, who can’t in New Zealand because we don’t have the surgeons.”

So it seems Ms Wall’s demands are a bit more complicated than it seemed at first blush.

First, she wants more money for more surgery.

But second, she wants more surgeons trained in the delicate art of putting nuts where a fanny used to be and vice versa.

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We should wonder what Louisa Wall makes of a Kiwi bloke’s run-in with Myanmar officials

December 19, 2014
Be careful, if you want to use this bloke in your marketing campaign. this fellow

Be careful, if you want to use this bloke in your marketing campaign.

Betcha the authorities in Myanmar are fair trembling, after Amnesty International stuck its nose into the matter of the New Zealand bloke and two Myanmar men who have been accused of insulting Buddhism.

The hapless Kiwi is one Philip Blackwood, 32, who has appeared before a Myanmar court after using an image of the Buddha to promote a cheap booze night at the bar he managed.

According to this Radio NZ report:

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Wall and the Warriors of Change go on the warpath – don’t laugh, folks – over a newspaper cartoon

July 22, 2014


People who were pissed off with cartoons published in The Press and the Marlborough Express last year did what we are all entitled to do and expressed their objections at the time.

They exercised something wonderful called their freedom of speech (as did the enterprising Toyota dealer who devised the advertisement shown here).

Soon there was a debate raging. Were the cartoons racially offensive – or were they not?

And then we were all huffed and puffed out. It was all over. Or should have been.

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Louisa Wall strikes again – now we must consider having two mums named on a birth certificate

May 25, 2013

Haven’t had time to check out all the issues yet, but Alf is fascinated by the questions raised by one Rowen Sullivan, a lass who reckons she has two mums. According to a story about her at Stuff today, she wants to have them both recognised as her parents.

But for that to happen she will have to change the law.

Strictly speaking, for this to happen Parliament would have to change the law.

But our Parliament has become astonishingly liberal on these matters in recent years and she will find lots of sympathetic ears.

Actually, she has found one – as we will see further down in this post.

And she is following a process that may well put Alf in the position of having to vote on the matter, which is what prompted him to look at some of the issues.

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Sheilas and rugby governance: Fergie McCormick will find himself offside with red-blooded blokes

November 25, 2012

Dunno what sort of company Fergie McCormick is keeping nowadays.

Alf fondly remembers him as a rugged sort of bloke’s bloke as well as a splendid All Black full-back.

But the bugger has put himself in the news today by joining something called “a heavyweight group” that wants the New Zealand Rugby Union “to change its archaic male-dominated structure” and …

Alf choked on his bacon and eggs when he read it!

And put a woman on its board.

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John Hayes and Tim Groser are mentioned but someone (shamefully) again is cold-shouldered

August 30, 2012

The bloody press gallery hacks whose reportage appears at Stuff have done it again.

They have failed to mention Alf – not even in the smallest of fonts – in their coverage of events in the House (in one case) and Rarotonga yesterday.

The Manawatu Standard (here) today reports that three of the five MPs who represent the wider Manawatu in Parliament have voted in favour of gay marriage.

How wide they have spread their Manawatu net is a matter of serious disappointment.

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Talking about sycophants (as Daffy Darien was doing last week) who is sucking up to whom here?

October 5, 2011

And who is the mystery man?

No, the unnamed gent pictured with The Mad Butcher in the Herald today is not Alf Grumble.

Yes, there is a resemblance. A slight one.

But Alf is a tad more hirsute – about two follicles more hirsute.

And Alf’s nose is more purplish.

Something to do with his drinking habits, his doctor insists.

Oh, and the clincher is that Alf would never be found with an arm around Phil Goff or Trevor Mallard.

The unnamed bloke in the picture – who shows no shame in his relationship with those two losers – can only be a Labour voter.

Whether the picture has been published on the West Coast, and whether therefore it might help Damien O’Connor’s prospects at the general election, remains to be seen.

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