Rodney gives us new insights into mayoral madness and ministerial time-keeping

December 11, 2009

North Shore Mayor Andrew Williams has done us a favour by asking for, and then publishing, more details about ACT leader Rodney Hide’s overseas travels with that squash-playing sheila.

Williams is reported to have used the Official Information Act to winkle out the itinerary and Hide’s report to the Cabinet. He sent the stuff out with a press release yesterday.

“Aucklanders will be fascinated to learn that, according to the official trip diary, Rodney Hide spent around 10 hours on Auckland governance, three and a half hours on regulatory reform, four and a half hours on Act Party policy, one hour in media interviews, and seven and a half hours having breakfast and lunch with his tour party who accompanied him on the trip,” Mr Williams said.

Let’s be pricks and add that up.

Oh, yes. A grand tally of 19 hours work.

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Contrition shows Rodney has more balls than Hone

November 9, 2009

Dunno who or which was the sorrier.

Rodney Hide, the self-proclaimed perk-buster who belatedly has realised the extent of the political capital he squandered on defending his travels with his paramour.

Or the spectacle of the aforementioned Rodney Hide expressing his apologies to the public of New Zealand.

Or Hone Harawira, for not saying sorry.

Or the Maori Party, for harbouring Hone.

In the Hide case, the pity is that Rodney’s hormones have been more powerful than his judgement (although Alf regards that awful yellow jacket as good reason for wondering if he ever had good judgement).

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Just another leader – perks and all

November 2, 2009

Sorry to be banging on again about the Hide matter.

But Alf sat in the Eketahuna Club last night wondering what a self-appointed perk-buster should expect, when his taxpaying admirers learn he has used his travel entitlements to have his girlfriend accompany him on his travels.

Won’t they be bloody pissed off and keen to let him know how they feel about his hypocrisy?

Some of that disappointment will be apt to turn to abuse.

And sure enough, NZPA tells us –

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Miffed missus reckons Rodney has a mess to clean up

November 1, 2009

Louise Crome probably has the great good sense to lie low and say nothing about her relationship with Rodney Hide.

This has left the gossip-hungry news media pouncing on all sorts of other people for their tittle-tattle about the unlikely libertine’s dalliance with a lass some 32 years younger.

Mrs Grumble is disappointed the news media have failed to tell us what Ms Crone finds attractive about a squat middle-aged MP with a Yul Brynner hairdo. Maybe she must wait for the Women’s Weekly or one of the other women’s magazines to tell all.

But the Herald on Sunday has tracked down Hide’s wife, whose thoughts on Rodney make for fascinating reading. The pity is she didn’t say a helluva lot more.

Dunno how much Mrs Hide is paying in taxes, but she would have cause to be pissed off about some of that money contributing to Ms Crone’s gallavanting around the world with Rodney.

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A curious tale of Crome, gnomes and chrome domes

October 31, 2009

Mrs Grumble reckons this bloke...


...would sit comfortably with this - but which one would be uglier?

Alf reckons the news media, now in a feeding frenzy after Rodney Hide sullied his image as a perk-buster, are asking the wrong questions of the wrong person.

They are focussing on Rodney and naturally, when they ask him about his perk-busting lapse, he makes no apology but says he would do it again, using his MP’s travel expenses to take his partner overseas.

Obviously this has something to do with hormones running rampant.

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