Should your company be shut down? Let’s start by counting the numbers of Maori on your staff

January 24, 2013

Does Alf hear the sounds of Pakeha exasperation as racist Maori leaders increasingly threaten the well-being of anyone who is not Maori?

Nah. Most Pakeha are too bloody pathetic or apathetic or PC. Or something.

They will simply buckle to the latest Maori demands being made in the name of “partnership”.

And they will take it on the chin when their own leaders set up yet another 50:50 governance arrangement, or whatever, that is insidiously eroding their democracy.

As iwi become increasingly empowered, other governmental institutions became that much less empowered.

Sadly, few Pakeha see the threat to their rights or to their economic interests.

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The best thing going for the Maori Council was hiring the grandson of a National Cabinet Minister

July 21, 2012

Dunno what to make of the contretemps over Felix Geiringer’s pay for batting for the Maori Council at its much-ballyhooed Waitangi Tribunal case.

But a day or so ago, the Maori Council (as reported here) was accusing the Ministry of Justice of being racist and trying to sabotage its water and geothermal rights case.

On Thursday morning the inquiry, which was due to start with the council delivering its closing submission, was overshadowed by the council’s barrister, Felix Geiringer, complaining about his pay rate.

Outside the hearing, council co-chair Maanu Paul said the Ministry of Justice’s Legal Service broke the agreement to pay Mr Geiringer the full lawyer’s hourly rate.

He says it wants Mr Geiringer to accept the same wages as a junior lawyer, while Crown lawyers receive $400 an hour.

Mr Paul says he believes the ministry is trying to undermine the council’s case.

If indeed this was a ploy to undermine the council’s case, it damned near worked, because Geiringer said he had seriously considered not showing up to deliver his closing submissions.

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Maanu, mana and the murky matter of institutional racism polluting the water debate

July 17, 2012

Publicly revealed for the first time…Maori Council plans for an eel farm in the English Channel.

It looks like the hard-working, long-serving member for Eketahuna North needs to brush up on his understanding of “institutional racism”.

The expression was used this morning by that Maanu Paul feller, interviewed (here) on Morning Report.

The Maanu Paul feller, of course, is a Maori Council leader, although he has not found himself in that position without controversy (as you will learn here).

In fact he got himself into hot water for talking about Maori claims to water and as recently as August last year (we are reminded here), the council gave the bugger the old heave-ho.

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Bugger the ballot box, bro – just bring in the barristers to beat the bastards

February 7, 2012

Alf is braced for race relations to become somewhat strained when Kiwis tumble to the implications of the Maori Council’s latest initiative.

The council is prepared to take the Government to court if it does not act in good faith over its Treaty of Waitangi obligations, a spokesman says.

According to the latest intelligence on this matter from Stuff-

The council will today lodge two claims to the Waitangi Tribunal over the Government’s plans to partially sell four state-owned energy companies.

Acting in good faith presumably means acting in a way that will pass muster with the Maori Council.

Hence it is likely to require the Government to do things that risk pissing off other citizens.

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