Does Rolf’s jail term mean fellow inmates must endure his accordion music for almost six years?

July 5, 2014
But fellow inmates would have cause to complain if plays it in jail.

But fellow inmates might have cause to complain if he took it into jail with him.

Rolf Harris hasn’t done quite as well in a British court as a contender to the Maori throne did in a court in this country.

Nevertheless Rolf has been treated more generously than Alf expected. He will be banged up for just five years and nine months (a doddle, really, by the time good behaviour comes into considerations) and the cops have opted not to make the bugger stand trial for possessing a stash of child porn.

Mind you, the jail term was almost immediately referred to the UK’s Attorney General for being ‘unduly lenient’ after concerns were raised by a small number of members of the public.

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Mallard comes up with a new rule to muzzle Our Maggie’s joshing of the childless Jacinda

July 26, 2012

Dunno if you should put children in it, but it’s good for coal. And for ill-considered private member’s bills.

The wonderful Maggie Barry showed them Labour tossers a thing or two yesterday.

She refused to apologise for claiming Labour’s Jacinda Ardern was ill-equipped to comment on paid parental leave because she did not have any children.

Maggie made that remark while we were debating a private member’s bill proposing to extend leave from 14 weeks to six months.

The bill is sponsored by Labour’s Sue Moroney (who happens to have two children, the last time Alf counted).

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If piddling on the news media was an Olympic event, Winston Peters would take the gold

August 3, 2011

But if you can piss on a journalist, go for it...

It hasn’t taken Win too long to show he is back in form for the 2011 general election.

His game is to tell news media bugger all, besides what he wants to tell them, in which department he can be remarkably voluble. But for the rest of it, just treat them with contempt and their questions as preposterous. He’s a class player.

He quickly put a few points on the board yesterday after announcing Andrew Williams as the candidate to run for New Zealand First in North Shore.

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