The Govt is strangling its expenditure but the Herald is more fascinated by a murder trial in Glasgow

May 20, 2011

Just imagine this water is the fiscal deficit ... when we come back in a few years, it will have evaporated.

It looks like our Zero Budget didn’t rate much higher than zero in the news judgement of the hacks at the Herald.

Alf has yet to see today’s Herald, he admits, but a mate has been chatting with him about something he read at NewsRoom.

The NewsRoom service includes a rundown of what the major newspapers are featuring.

And apparently it says the lead story in the Herald this morning is about a Scottish jury finding Briton Malcolm Webster guilty of murdering his first wife and attempting to kill his second wife, from New Zealand, as part of an insurance plot.

The bloke claimed his first wife’s death was a tragic accident and denied the charges against him, but the jury of nine women and six men found him guilty.

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