All Saints? Nope – these science students were more like a bunch of young devils who tempted a teacher to retaliate

May 1, 2010

Alf is greatly cheered by news that today’s generation of brats don’t get away with it every time they try to bully, defy or provoke their teachers.

What’s more, he is delighted to learn from a report on Stuff that the jury system is alive and well, at least in Britain.

A British teacher who bludgeoned an abusive pupil over the head with a dumbbell during a lesson, shouting “die, die die,” has been cleared of attempted murder.

Peter Harvey, 50, fractured the 14-year-old boy’s skull after the child swore at him during a science lesson last July.

At first blush, walloping the brat over the head with a dumbbell for swearing might seem a tad extreme.

But there was much more to it.
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