Their curious ideas about Maori representation is another good reason to keep Greens on the sideline

June 7, 2011

Did Alf hear Metiria Turei blatting on about Maori being unrepresented on the new Environmental Protection Agency?

Maori fill only two of eight positions was her complaint (although earlier today Mrs Grumble couldn’t track down an internet reference to the remarks reported by Radio NZ).

The way we were taught to do our sums here in Eketahuna, that means 15% or so of the population is represented by 25% of the appointees. Not bad, eh?

By claiming this to be under-representation, Ms Turei reinforces Alf’s firm belief that Greens are unfit to hold any office that would require them to make economic decisions.

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Wow – Jami-Lee’s Ngati Porou links call for a fresh academic study into the implications for capitalism

March 8, 2011

If you go back far enough, you can find your passport into the Maori All Blacks.

If you’ve got a drop of Maori blood somewhere in your veins, you can count on someone in the Maori media finding out about it and tracking down its source.

The consequence in the case of Jami-Lee Ross is a Waatea News report that that yes, he has a Maori side.

This is not obvious from his name, it might be observed, but nor is it obvious in the case of blokes with names like Shane Jones.

Unlike Jones, Botany’s new National Party MP says he doesn’t know his Maori side, Waatea News reports.

But it seems he is keen to find out.

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If Maori advisory boards aren’t working, let’s save public money by scrapping them

October 16, 2010

Sandra Lee back in the news? Yep.

Alf had thought she had put herself out to pasture some time back, but she popped up on Radio NZ to blat about Maori representation in local government.

She insists the Auckland Council must act immediately to provide for Maori representation.

This is odd, because Alf was sure he had heard an interview on Morning Report earlier in the week with a Maori bloke who had been elected to the council.

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Seer or sucker: David Clendon has a strange vision of Maori being denied the vote in the Super City

March 13, 2010

The Green Party’s David Clendon – the bloke who took over from Sue Bradford as an MP – is laying claim to the gift of

Dunno if his technique involves prodding the guts of chickens, like the seers of old.

Whatever it is, he sees a future in which Maori in Auckland are stripped of the democratic rights enjoyed by the rest of us.

A media statement issued in Clendon’s name says –

A lack of Māori representation at all levels of the Super City is going to be detrimental to the future of Auckland, the Green Party said today.

But we haven’t had the first election yet – have we?

That being so, Maori have every chance of being represented.

It simply requires Maori to get out and vote for the person they want to represent them. That’s how the system works.
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Nah to Naida’s notions about equivalence

August 26, 2009

Te Runanga o Ngati Whatua chair Naida Glavish uses an interesting expression when complaining about the unequivocal government ‘no’ to Maori representation on the new Auckland super council.

She says the decision is another slap in the face for a people constantly striving for equivalence in New Zealand society.

“Day in day out, year in year out, century in century out we are told we are not equal. This is just more of the same; treating us as second class citizens,” she says.

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