Go for their sticks – that should nobble the sovereignty mob

July 25, 2009

Give ‘em an inch and they want the full bloody mile.

That’s how Alf sees things after a bunch of elderly Maori sovereignty campaigners declared their intention to extend their civil disobedience campaign from targeting judges’ homes to Prime Minister John Key’s Auckland home.

The group, led by Ngapuhi elder Tass Davis, plans to start the month-long campaign within two weeks. It will include “occupation-style sit-ins” at Auckland courthouses and private homes of judges.

Mr Davis, a 75-year-old former Auckland police constable, said there would be no attempt to force entry to Mr Key’s property they would wait until he was at home before acting. “We are non-violent. We will not use any force.”

Age does not seem to have mellowed the bugger.

And the PM’s decisions to promote Maori interests by – for example – throwing them a few buckets of your money and mine to talk about such lofty matters as a Maori flag obviously has simply driven Davis and his mob to push for more.

Mr Key was now a target because he paid “lip service” to Maori issues.

“Mr Key obviously thinks a few seats at the Cabinet table are enough to keep Maori off his back. I’m here to tell him he is sadly mistaken. Perhaps if we are camped outside his front door he might listen a little more to our concerns.”

The action’s aim was to force the Government into serious discussions over demands for Maori self-determination.

Disarming the mob, fair to say, won’t be too challenging for the forces of law and order. Taking away their walking sticks should do the trick.

Kaikohe squatters should be sat on – heavily

July 4, 2009

Dunno what’s going on in Kaikohe, in the law and order department, but it’s taking a bloody long time for a few firebrands to be thrown out of the building they are occupying.

The businessman who owns the building complains he has been locked out of his own building by squatters and says it is absurd the police cannot evict them.

They can evict them, of course. But they need a court order, and the order is a long time coming.
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He should take his wails to Wales

June 30, 2009

Alf is bemused by aspects of the month-long civil disobedience campaign plotted by a stroppy bunch of Maori sovereignty campaigners.

The campaign – it seems – will be led by an uncle of MP Hone Harawira, a bloke called Tass Davis.

Mr Davis, a 75-year-old former Auckland police constable, said he expected between 300 and 400 Maori would be involved in the non-violent campaign.

“Successive governments conspired to rob Maori of their birthright, leaving many feeling disconnected, poverty-stricken and disadvantaged,” he said.

Robbed of his birthright? A bloke with the surname “Davis”?

What bollocks is this all about?

Alf would have thought Tass should take his birthright wailing to Wales.

And if Tass has no link with the Welsh, then they should be complaining about him for misappropriating and misusing a proud Welsh surname.

Passport scam: the cops need a complainant

June 19, 2009

Alf can only echo the sentiments expressed this morning at Keeping Stock. He, too, had hoped to awaken this morning to news that immigration scammer Gerrard Otimi had been arrested and charged with multiple counts of fraud.

Actually, he didn’t hope it would have happened. He expected it would have happened.

It shouldn’t be too hard for the cops to track down the ringleader.

He has admitted taking money, although he would have us believe he is helping those who cough up. He’s into good deeds, see.
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