The money or the bag? Don’t be silly – we’re indigenous and accordingly want both

October 31, 2013

Alf has already recorded his huge admiration for the way our indigenous people can sniff out a trough and get their snouts into the swill.

Another of their admirable traits is their gall.

Alf has known some Pakeha oinkers who would be embarrassed if they thought he knew of the extent of their troughing.

Our indigenous oinkers feel no shame.

To the contrary, they regard it as their right under the Treaty to have we Pakeha fill their growing array of troughs.

And if we don’t fill the troughs deeply enough or quickly enough, they will holler about the bloody injustice of it.

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Don’t say no to the Maori Spectrum Coalition – not until you’ve heard where radio came from

February 26, 2013

Some of Alf’s mates in the Eketahuna Club got a bit antsy on learning that a Maori group is considering taking a civil case against the Crown in its fight for rights to the radio spectrum.

The news came from Radio New Zealand (here).

The background is that their claim to a portion of a broadcasting band that will soon be available has been rejected by your widely admired Government.

Instead we will auction off the technology that will be used for a more efficient generation of mobile phones.

Inevitably, this decision will be grist to the mill of the legal profession and give the Waitangi Tribunal something more to do.

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