Welcome to Waitangi – a bothersome mix of bare bums and demands for koha

February 6, 2010

It’s hard to say which is the more bothersome. A photograph on the Stuff web-site of Prime Minister John Key being challenged as he walks on to Te Tii marae with – good grief – Titewhai Harawira.

Or the report beneath the photograph telling us that Waitangi lower marae officials have demanded a $500 fee before they will allow the media to enter the ground to cover the PM’s visit.

No, it’s not the image of Ma Harawira that Alf finds bothersome. It’s the image of the Maori gentleman doing the challenging. He’s almost starkers.

Mrs Grumble reckons this bloke has an admirable bum. Dunno about admirable. But you can certainly see all of it.

If he kitted out like that for the Sevens in Wellington, he would be arrested. The security people would regard him as a streaker waiting for his chance to dash on to the pitch.

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Heads should roll over broadcasting balls-up

October 15, 2009

Yeah, Alf is only too aware that yesterday’s post had become outdated long before day’s end. The Boss stepped in, and the Herald today records the consequences –

The debacle over the Rugby World Cup television rights is back to square one, with New Zealand’s major broadcasters now trying to work together on a bid the International Rugby Board may yet reject.

There were no bids on the table last night, after Maori TV and TVNZ withdrew competing offers following the intervention of the Prime Minister.

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Critics chide Maori TV over its language

May 11, 2009

We legislators are expected to clean up all sorts of messes. But bugger me – now we are being asked to clean up the langague on Maori TV. Or improve te reo standards. Or something.

At first blush, Alf can’t see why Maori TV viewers should be legislatively entitled to higher linguistic standards than viewers of other TV channels.

Accordingly he will need serious convincing of the gravity of this issue. How will our society be improved if Maori TV has a higher quality of language than other TV channels? Or might it actually be harmed, if Maori TV viewers are getting a better deal from their TV broadcasters than the rest of us?

The prospect of his having to look into this matter was drawn to his attention by the Herald today:
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