John McLeod is branded a renegade – just for resigning over the introduction of race-based voting

September 25, 2014
No, he didn't burn down the council chambers.

No, he didn’t burn down the council chambers.

It’s a measure of the magnitude of the Kiwi surrender to the power push by indigenous persons that New Plymouth councillor John McLeod is described as a renegade.

That derogatory adjective was used in a caption beneath his photo in the Taranaki Daily News before he resigned “after the vote on Maori wards did not go his way”.


According to the definition at a renegade is…

A person who deserts and betrays an organization, country, or set of principles: an agent who later turns out to be a renegade

So has John McLeod deserted the New Plymouth Council or his city?

Or has he betrayed it or its principles?

It depends.

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Maori chalk up another milestone in their journey towards 50:50 governance arrangements

November 5, 2011

Alf hesitates to say he told you so, but the pace of craven Pakeha buckling to Maori pressure for more political power has quickened.

Two developments this week show what is happening.

First, Maori have been given another 50:50 partnership deal.

Second, they have been given a race-based seat on the Nelson City Council. They did it in a hurry without bothering to consult their citzens.

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