Seer or sucker: David Clendon has a strange vision of Maori being denied the vote in the Super City

March 13, 2010

The Green Party’s David Clendon – the bloke who took over from Sue Bradford as an MP – is laying claim to the gift of

Dunno if his technique involves prodding the guts of chickens, like the seers of old.

Whatever it is, he sees a future in which Maori in Auckland are stripped of the democratic rights enjoyed by the rest of us.

A media statement issued in Clendon’s name says –

A lack of Māori representation at all levels of the Super City is going to be detrimental to the future of Auckland, the Green Party said today.

But we haven’t had the first election yet – have we?

That being so, Maori have every chance of being represented.

It simply requires Maori to get out and vote for the person they want to represent them. That’s how the system works.
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Yep, it’s duplicity sure enough when the stroppy Popatas win the approval of a vulpine professor

January 16, 2010

Dunno what fishing has to with it.

The Popatas should be picked up by the police and dragged from the plot they are occupying at Taipa in the Far North. Full stop.

But it’s the prospect of a bloody fishing competition that has galvanised Shane Jones to think about the matter and indulge in a bit of tub-thumping.

According to the Herald

Labour MP Shane Jones says John Key should intervene in a Far North land occupation before thousands attend a fishing competition at the end of the month.

Land at Taipa which is up for sale is being occupied by two brothers, John and Wikatana Popata, who assaulted the Prime Minister at Waitangi last year.

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The perils of sharing a bed

May 23, 2009

Too many people don’t read beyond the headlines. Mrs Grumble tends to be one of them, which is why Alf hopes she reads on and gets more detail when she spots

Many deaths linked to sharing bed

It’s all about cot deaths.

More than half of cot-death babies were sharing a bed when they died, new research shows.
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