Checking a building’s safety is one thing – but you’ve got to be Maori if it’s a Maori building

February 5, 2015
And you've got to be Irish to recognise one of these...

And you’ve got to be Irish to recognise this fellow…

Alf is regarding Maori structures with a huge new regard.

Maori meeting houses and other marae buildings contain qualities that he cannot ever recognise or appreciate.

But nor can can any non-Maori building inspector.

Nope. You’ve got to be an indigenous person to recognise and appreciate these qualities and determine whether a building is culturally safe as well as structurally safe.

Accordingly an inspector who can’t brandish the right ethnic credentials should not be entitled to examine these buildings and determine their fitness to survive an earthquake or whatever.

We have this on the expert authority of an associate professor of architecture, who happens to be an indigenous person, although Alf is sure this would by no means affect or influence his professional judgement.

Accordingly we should pay heed to this gentleman.

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A government grant to grow vegies – well, yes, but only for those deemed to be “special” citizens

May 17, 2010

Ooh, that sounds like a great scheme, Mrs Grumble gurgled this morning on hearing that the Government is giving away money to help people grow their own vegetables.

Fair to say, Alf didn’t think it such a good idea unless Mrs Grumble was willing to do all the digging, the hoeing, the weeding and so on.

Let’s face it: you can get vegetables a helluva lot quicker by driving down to the supermarket than by growing them at home.

But Mrs Grumble was on a roll. Her argument: you don’t know where those supermarket vegetables have been grown or to what extent they have been drenched in bloody herbicides and pesticides? And that being so, then how are we to know when eating that stuff might be tantamount to suicide?

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