Yes, something needs lifting in our liquor laws – but it’s the drinking age, not the price of booze

April 26, 2014

One mob is hollering for the drinking age to be raised. Another is hollering for the price of booze to be raised. Alf unabashedly supports the age lifters.

As he posted a few years ago, when musing on our liquor legislation, he was chuffed to find scientists have discovered a possible reason for hoonish behaviour – it’s that people don’t become true adults until they’re 24.

That suggests the drinking age should be raised to 24. Alf would not be fussed if it went higher.

A new study comes into the picture today.

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The Kane mutiny: blog study needs shooting down

May 9, 2009

A bloke whose mum called him Kane doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously.

Hence Alf is challenging the findings of one Kane Hopkins, whose studies on blogging – and advice to politicians – has been aired in a statement from Massey University.

The statement is headed Blog doctor’s advice to politicians (although Alf is tempted to dismiss the bugger as a quack).

Politicians who jump on the “blogging” bandwagon to impress the voters may be wasting their time, says PhD researcher Kane Hopkins.

They would be better off concentrating their efforts on social networking sites such as Facebook or the Flickr photo-sharing site to show the public at a glance what they are doing, Mr Hopkins says.

Nonsense, says Alf (although he has confided to mates in the Eketahuna Club that he has been a tad unnerved by the Massey statement and its rundown on the research findings).
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How to become a world-beater

April 16, 2009

Is becoming a world-beater simply a matter of money? Or is some other ingredient essential?

Alf poses those questions on learning that Massey University will fund three PhD scholarships “to ensure” that a newly appointed professor “can establish a world-leading research programme.”

“Ensure” is the magic word. It means “to make certain” or “guarantee”.

If this be so, pouring money into other professorships will ensure we establish world-leading research programmes in a raft of things.

We could set up a professorship of rugby and maybe the resultant world-leader rugby research will help us build a world-beating rugby team, for example.
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Stars in their eyes in a vineyard

March 5, 2009

“New Telescope to Study the Birth of the Universe” is the heading atop a wondrous press release posted at Scoop today.

Auckland astronomers are involved in a new high technology telescope which has just been installed on a Marlborough vineyard, it says.

So far, so good.

Then it says –

It will be used to study the birth of the universe and to search for distant planets.

At that point, Alf admits to becoming bemused (a state not uncommon to him).

He had thought – until now – the universe had been born, created, whatever, a wee while back.
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