It’s the Elf – not Alf – that’s being replaced

October 25, 2009

There’s great delight in Eketahuna this weekend as the local Volunteer Fire Brigade shows off its new 4WD ute, which replaces an ageing Super Elf. Super Elf, note. Not Super Alf.

It’s all part of the brigade’s centennial celebrations this Labour weekend.

Volunteer fireman Terry Carew said the showpiece of the festivities is a new $38,000 4WD ute bought with a $9,000 donations from Pub Charity with the balance made up by the community and the Brigade.

Mr Carew said the fundraising was quite an achievement given that it took just a year to get the cash together.

He said the weekend of celebrations will include firefighting exercise displays as well as visits from fire service top brass, including eastern region commanders.

Tararua mayor Maureen Reynolds will also be on hand planting a commemorative totara at the fire station grounds on Saturday.

A renovated 1950s fire truck from the Dannevirke Volunteer Fire Brigade will also be heading south to add a retro vibe to proceedings.

If you happen to be passing by and stop to see what’s going on, keep an eye out for Alf. And say “Hi”.

School closing plans are given a fail mark

August 24, 2009

Alf encountered a great number of delighted constituents at the weekend, many of them almost revelling.

Their rejoicing was prompted by news of the Education Ministry’s community education reviews facing the prospect of an overhaul after the process collapsed in Tararua.

Just as Alf was hoping a few weeks back, the school reviews went sour in the Tararua district because the community did not support the recommendations.

The process has ended in tears, with seven members of a community-appointed working group withdrawing their school closures plan and quitting last week – the first test (an obvious failure) of the ministry’s new process.
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Local authorities are given a water break

June 24, 2009

A great move from the Government today will take the heat off hard-pressed local authorities struggling to bring their water supplies up to standards demanded by the Clark Cabal.

The announcement came jointly from Health Minister Tony Ryall and Local Government Minister Rodney Hide; they announced the Government has delayed requirements for communities to meet new drinking water legislation by three years.

This will be welcome in Eketahuna, where we’ve had problems trying to meet absurdly high quality standards.

Mr Ryall says “The government will also be reviewing the cost, benefits and administrative burden of the legislation. We know local communities have been wanting such a review for some time.”
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Tararua’s $13m drinking problem

March 26, 2009

Gotta give it to Tararua Mayor Maureen Reynolds for optimism.

She says (according to the Manawatu Standard) it will be impossible to come up with the dosh needed to improve her district’s drinking water – a matter of more than $13 million – without help from the Government.

Doesn’t she know we are lopping public spending, or trying to, because of the widening budget deficit and Standard and Poors putting us on credit watch and all that fiscal stuff?
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