Cr Linda Cooper didn’t have to say sorry, surely, just for cutting a c**k down to size

February 23, 2015

Oh dear. A complaint of sizeism – by the look of it – has been lodged with the Auckland Council.

It has been prompted by  Councillor Linda Cooper calling some bloke a “judgmental little c**k” in a Facebook exchange of views about this weekend’s Pride Parade.

Actually, Alf strongly suspects the asterisks have been put into one of those four words because someone at Stuff doesn’t have the balls to stick to the word “cock”.  Or (come to think of it) maybe it was “cask”?

Whatever it was, the word “little” was obviously deeply troubling to someone. Cooper clearly ought to have described the bloke as a bloody big judgmental cock (or cask, or c**k) to escape a fuss.

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Does Lee have bouncebackability?

June 15, 2009

Something for wordsmiths to chew on can be found at, where one Darach McGarrigle (yeah, right) lists “15 Words You Won’t Believe They Added to the Dictionary”.

One of the words he has plucked from the dictionary is “bouncebackability”, defined as “the ability to recover from near-defeat in a competition; the ability to recover from a setback.”

Let’s see if Melissa Lee can demonstrate bouncebackability after her setback in St Albert. Or the All Blacks, after their defeat at Carisbrook.

McGarrigle says –

The Oxford English Dictionary is constantly updating, adding new words to reflect the vibrant changes in language and culture. Of course, that also means that as said culture spirals toward a frightening and retarded oblivion, the good people at Oxford have to be there to chronicle it.

Here are some recent additions that make us fear for our future.”

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Three strikes and Alf’s down

June 14, 2009

Alf admits to being a bit of a grouch first thing most mornings, until he’s had his first shot of caffeine. But he was dispirited more than usual this morning as Radio NZ reminded him of what had happened last night.

First, National colleague Melissa Lee finished well behind Labour’s David Shearer who won the Mt Albert by-election (but she did keep the bloody Greens from being able to brag about ousting the Nats from second place).

With all the votes counted, Shearer had 62 percent, Melissa Lee trailed with 17 percent and the Greens Russel Norman had 12 percent

Second, the All Blacks were done by the French at Carisbrook.

Third, the Black Caps were trounced by Pakistan at the 20-over cricket tournament.

But fair to say, Alf lost money only on the All Blacks.

He placed no bets on Labour winning the by-election, but he did put money on Melissa holding that Russel-with-just-one-l bloke at bay and on Shearer getting a smaller majority than Helen Clark in 2008.

Oh, and he put his money on Pakistan for the cricket.
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Declaring expenses is admirable (in principle)

May 31, 2009

Gotta say Alf is a tad perplexed by Greenie Russel Norman and Act’s John Boscowen.

The buggers have broken ranks with the rest of us in Parliament during the heat of the Mt Albert by-election battle and disclosed their Parliamentary expenses.

News media and the public at large will be apt to applaud this gesture, thereby encouraging a bloody avalanche of disclosures.

Three cheers, then for our candidate, Melissa Lee, who has refused to reveal what she spends her $14,800 annual expenses top-up on, and how much she claims for accommodation in Wellington, and on taxis, rental cars and airfares.

As the Herald on Sunday reports, if she was to disclose her expenses, it would put pressure on other National MPs to do the same.
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SOS: Melissa needs young entrepreneur’s motivation

May 22, 2009

Send for Cameron.

The National Party needs him to motivate Melissa Lee, who has curiously expressed her readiness to be satisfied with second place in the Mt Albert byelection.

Second? Might as well finish last, for all the good that comes from finishing in any place but first.

Sure, she’s now saying she’s out to win – but her earlier remarks were clearly those of someone resigned to be an also-ran, and hence were politically damaging. They were disspiriting for party campaigners, too.
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Melissa’s media magnetism – is it so admirable?

May 14, 2009

Must have a word with Melissa Lee.

She is doing what Alf has failed to do – she is winning national headlines. Big-time.

Alf has awoken to news from NZPA that:

National’s candidate for the Mount Albert by-election, Melissa Lee, waded into deeper controversy last night by saying a new motorway could stop criminals coming from South Auckland and committing crime in the suburb.

Ms Lee, a list MP, made the comment at a candidates meeting for the June 13 by-election.

There was heated debate at the meeting on the New Zealand Transport Agency’s $1.4 billion motorway proposal, announced by the Government on Tuesday, which will use a combination of above ground and underground sections to make up the 4.5km Auckland motorway extension between Waterview and Mt Roskill.

NZPA (perhaps unable to cover the meeting as a consequence of staff cuts over the past year or so) actually based its report on a Radio NZ report.
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Keep your eyes on the motorway, Melissa

May 12, 2009

There are bigger issues at stake in Mt Albert – motorway developments, for example – than the ill-considered remarks of the pharmacist who told Melissa Lee he wouldn’t vote for her because he “didn’t think we need Asians in Parliament”.

Actually, there’s not much anyone can do about the opinions that people harbour.

One of Alf’s constituents wouldn’t vote for him because “we don’t need geriatrics in Parliament”, then moved to Sydenham and voted for Jim Anderton. It takes all sorts in a democracy.

Anyway, after raising a ruckus, the pharmacist has been gracious enough to apologise.
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