Stubborn silence – is this the accountability we could expect if Rodney (fat chance) became PM?

August 18, 2010

Alf agrees totally with the Herald’s John Armstrong, who has admonished Rodney Hide over his refusal to say why Heather Roy was given the heave as deputy leader.

Alf didn’t drop into the press conference where ACT announced nothing much more than what everybody seemed to know (he was busy dealing with a constituent’s problems with the bloody health system).

But he keenly watched Hide handle the baying media hounds on telly last night.

The information Hide volunteered, over and beyond the sparse details in his media statement , fell far short of what the taxpaying public is entitled to know, in circumstances that result in a Minister being replaced.

It was zero, plus zilch multiplied by zippo and it came to diddly-squat.

And it exposed Hide yet again as a bloke who preaches accountability but struggles to practice it.

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How to stage a political announcement

April 30, 2009

ACT New Zealand knows how to lift your prospects of pulling the press to your press conference – you do it by making your announcements in the boozer.

Mind you, whether you can drag the buggers along to a boozer on a Saturday afternoon might be a different matter.

Anyway, ACT has advised all media that

a special press conference will be held at The Kingslander Bar & Tavern, 470 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland to announce the ACT Party candidate for the upcoming Mt Albert by-election.

At 1:00pm this Saturday, May 2 2009, ACT Leader Rodney Hide will be joined by ACT President Michael Crozier to announce the Party’s candidate and to launch the Mt Albert campaign.

Just in case the hacks didn’t get the message, it was reiterated:

Mt Albert Candidate Announcement and Campaign Launch; Kingslander Bar & Tavern, 470 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland; 1:00pm, Saturday, May 2 2009.

So who’s shout is it?