Kipping down in cattle class

October 24, 2009

Good grief – how many makeovers can Air NZ undergo before it finishes up looking like that recently deceased sadsack, Michael Jackson.

Alf poses this question on learning that just three years on from its previous branding overhaul, Air New Zealand is reviewing its uniform and livery.

More interesting, it is looking into possibilities for economy passengers to sleep comfortably on flights.

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Who will be haunted by whom?

March 29, 2009

Frightening news for ghosts in The Telegraph today.

Wierdo entertainer Michael Jackson is to rent a house near haunted caves during his concerts in London.

The eccentric singer is reported to have paid £1 million to rent a large country house near the edge of an ancient 22-mile maze of haunted passageways.

The undisclosed home is thought to be close to the Chislehurst Caves in Bromley, in the south-east suburbs of London.

Ghost sightings have been reported at the caves, which were dug in chalk by the Saxons, Druids and Romans.

Just one glimpse of the creature pictured above should be enough – Alf imagines – to have any self-respecting ghost buggering off real fast to hunker down in a less threatening neighbourhood.