The Botany by-election breeds bullshit and bollocks as the press breaks down the numbers

March 7, 2011

Is this the smile of a loser?

Check out the headline below, if you want to find a splendid example of the Dom-Post’s prowesss at spreading bullshit.

It brays –

Low voter turnout keeps Botany blue

The clear implication is that a high voter turnout would have given Botany to Labour.

So what load of bollocks did political scribbler Vernon Wright write in his report to put that idea in the headline writer’s head?

Bollocks of a different sort.

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Jami-Lee wins Botany (as expected) but it’s a pity he isn’t called Keith, John or Bill

March 6, 2011

Alf looks forward to Jami-Lee Ross joining him on the back benches in the House after he won the Botany byelection for National (an outcome never in doubt) yesterday.

The Herald on Sunday tells us Ross polled 8150 votes or 56.7 per cent of the turnout.

But the turnout was a disappointingly low 36.5 per cent. Alf imagines that’s a consequence of Botany being an Auckland seat, because Aucklanders are apt to be somewhat wanting when it comes to things like civic duty and getting off their arses to uphold a strong democracy.

Have the buggers marched in the streets to protest against the outrage of Maori being given special constitutional treatment in their city? Nah, they have not.

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