A foggy memory about money serves oldies well – here’s hoping Banksie doesn’t get his back too soon

April 30, 2012

With his leadership a matter of media speculation, Labour’s David Shearer must have relished an opportunity to go on the front foot and lash out at a bloke whose position as ACT leader is impeccably secure: John Banks.

Banksie – we can be sure – sleeps soundly at nights, confident in the knowledge his caucus is 100 per cent with him and no other ACT MP is likely to stab him in the back, wallop him on the head with a bound volume of Hansard, or do any of the other things that results in a leader’s replacement.

Not so with Shearer. who seems to have difficulties managing his office, let alone a caucus or – God forbid – the country.

So it’s a bit rich for Shearer to be calling for Banksie to be stood down from the Cabinet over the trivial matter of a bit of some unexplained money.

It’s good to see The Boss treating Shearer with a bit of well-deserved contempt.

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Why Wira wasn’t a winner

August 2, 2009

Looks like Whaleoil was burning the midnight oil, to bring news to the blogosphere of the National Party‚Äôs new board and Wira Gardiner’s failure to win a place. He submitted his post at 2.53am.

Alf was tucked up in bed at that time, has slept in this morning, and so has been beaten to the punch.

Dunno if Whaleoil got any sleep but he was back on the job at 9:08am to bring news that the board selected Peter Goodfellow as the new National Party president to succeed Judy Kirk.

He is not impressed.

When it comes to who was first to bring us news of the party’s new board, Alf notes that an NZPA report was timed at 5.28pm yesterday. There may have been earlier reports.

But Whaleoil is entitled to brag (and does) that he got it right while the mainstream media got it wrong when they predicted Wira Gardiner would get on the board.

Ok so The Whale is 5-0 on the board selections and the MSM is 0-5. They all predicted Wira Gardiner would get on the board and they were all wrong.
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