Migration musings and Greenie visions – is this evidence of a mind misted by magic mushrooms?

March 6, 2012

I think Australia is this way...

The Greens dished up a dollop of drivel about migration yesterday.

But you didn’t have to read too far before recognising it was drivel. The credibility of the Greenie musings was thoroughly undermined by the heading: National needs to stop driving people to Australia

This, of course, is bollocks.

National drives nobody to Australia.

First, anyone wanting to get there must go by air or sea.

And second, they must pay their own way (or find somebody to stump up the fare for them).

But then the Greens’ nonsense is explained – sort of – by a reference to visions.

Alf is seriously wary of people who claim to have had visions.

His wariness turns to a deep aversion when these people want others to share their visions.

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David Shearer might be short on power but at least he can parrot the miners’ safety message

March 5, 2012

At first blush it seemed the West Coasters might not understand how much clout – or rather, how little – is carried by the Leader of the Opposition.

The answer, of course, is bugger all. Alf reckons you would get more power from an AAA battery.

And so when it comes to making decisions to raise or cut taxes, introduce new laws and regulations, and what-have-you, a Leader of the Opposition can do little more than vote no and persuade his team to do likewise if he does not support the Government’s plans.

Not everybody knows this, maybe, and it seemed the West Coasters certainly don’t understand the political impotence that comes with sitting on the Opposition side of Parliament, because Stuff says –

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Those Chilean miners would not have been imperilled if they had taken a kaumatua’s spiritual advice

October 26, 2010

The spooks are on the march.

Last heard of somewhere in the bowels of Te Papa, a place best avoided by menstruating and pregnant women, the wee buggers have infested the Waitomo Caves, too.

Alf has it on good authority they have travelled world-wide and account – among other things – for the recent Chilean mine collapse.

Or rather, a failure to observe the right protocols in places where the spirits have taken up residence led inevitably to the collapse.

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