Whatever happened to heterosexual partnerships as a political plus for Labour Party promotions?

June 15, 2010

Alf must confess to being somewhat bewildered about the rewards and punishment system in the Labour Party.

He has just been reading in his Herald that one of Labour’s newest MPs, Grant Robertson, is expected to get a big promotion today after three colleagues were demoted for misusing Crown credit cards while they were ministers.

The demotions, of course, had been well and truly signalled.

For their poor judgment in using their ministerial cards, list MP Shane Jones lost his environment and economic development spokesmanships, Te Atatu MP Chris Carter lost foreign affairs responsibility and list MP Mita Ririnui lost forestry.

Chris Carter? Demotion?

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The lesson for card-carrying socialist ministers is to deal with a florist rather than a porn shop

June 11, 2010

Looks like Labour’s Shane Jones has lost lots of brownie points within his party over some of the purchases he made with his ministerial credit card back in the days when he had the privilege of carrying such a card.

Among other things, he watched pornographic movies.


Labour Party members are apt to frown on blokes who watch pornographic movies, although it’s fair to say many Labour blokes probably have done just that, except they did not use ministerial credit cards and hence have been able to keep their habit strictly private.

In the aftermath of what is happening, Alf’s Labour leadership tip is to keep an eye out for Chris Carter.

While Jones’ aspirations of leading the party have been sunk, Carter’s probably have been given a boost.

He used his ministerial card to… guess what?
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Perks and piss-ups – the trick is to find an acceptable way of making the public pay

March 31, 2010

Another bucket of bollocks is published in the Dom-Post today, this time on the matter of MPs’ miserable spending allowances.

Vernon Small, one of the rag’s parliamentary press gallery hacks, makes it seem like he has been talking with a whistle-blower:

MPs are secretly negotiating to award themselves more generous perks.

If they were secret – you can be sure – a bugger like Small would not get to hear of them.

But there is no whistle-blower. Rather –

The behind-closed-doors talks were revealed by Auditor-General Lyn Provost in a report that found former housing and fisheries minister Phil Heatley unlawfully spent $1402 of taxpayers’ money.

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Surprise, surprise – they didn’t know who he was when Phil wined and dined in Marlborough

March 1, 2010

The forgettable face of a former Cabinet Minister.

Dunno if Phil Heatley will be too fussed about it – he has other things on his mind. But it seems he is able to slip through Marlborough unnoticed.

Alf reckons Phil could slip through much of the country unnoticed, come to think of it. Let’s face it, he doesn’t have the same high profile as the likes of John Key, Rodney Hide, Pita Sharples, or Winston Peters.

Or rather, he didn’t until last week, although even now he probably could pass through Marlborough unrecognised. He has one of those instantly forgettable faces.

But most cabinet ministers would go unnoticed by most of the taxpayers who sustain them and their lifestyles – wouldn’t they?

Anyone know what the Minister of Broadcasting looks like?
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