The Glenn Inquiry gives us a much better idea of how the little ones were treated in the past

June 17, 2014

Thanks to Lindsay Mitchell (here), Alf has some idea of what to expect when he gets around to reading the report from the Glenn Inquiry which has become the talk of the town.

She points out that a large majority of submitters were female and we are hence given the resounding impression that the overwhelming problem lies with men.

It seems she thinks otherwise and Alf is tempted to agree.

But that’s not all. She adds:

Oh and the colonist-blaming conveniently pops up.

Mitchell quotes this bit of the report.

Māori were once a people who held in high esteem their tamariki (children) and wāhine (women) because of the treasured roles they had in their whānau, hapū (sub-tribe) and iwi (tribe). Nevertheless, colonisation brought with it new ways, including privileging the place of men, which rendered women and children as their possessions (Section 4, p127).

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When a missionary’s position becomes a matter of mystery, maybe we should avoid the Manawatu

November 22, 2012

Livingstone didn’t stay missing for ever.

The Grumbles will be changing their shopping habits henceforth and giving Palmerston North a miss.

Yeah, Alf and his missus know it’s a jungle out there.

But the Manawatu is not the sort of jungle in which missionaries go missing, surely.

How wrong can you be.

Stuff reports (here) the grim news –

Missionary missing in Palmerston North

Alf doesn’t doubt it can be a tough life, being a missionary.

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