Good sense shows in talk about upholding hotel owners’ right to ensure against unmarried coupling

June 21, 2014
Give a dog a bad name and....

Give a dog a bad name and….

The Brits have shown us the way – or at least, one Brit has – in recent days.

No, not the England soccer team obviously.

The lesson in this case comes from a judge able to admit she was wrong (or may have been wrong) when she condemned a Christian couple for turning away gay guests from their hotel.

More important, this judge has invited an audience of legal luminaries in Ireland to have another think about matters of conscience and the protection of our rights in an awfully PC modern world.


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Good news for Deaks – he doesn’t have to become a lesbian to lift his broadcasting game

July 11, 2012

Better bald than Balding.

Good news for Alf’s favourite sports presenters.

They don’t have to become lesbians to become better broadcasters.

Most of all Alf feared that Murray Deaker – who happens to be top of the bunch by far for him – might be a teeny bit inclined to read too much into a recent headline in London’s The Telegraph and start musing on how to act on the information –

‘Clare Balding: Being a lesbian helps me be a better sports presenter’.

Not so and Deaks should take no notice of the pitch to switch implicit in that headline.

This Balding bint, a British sports presenter, is to be applauded for coming out of the closet on this matter and putting things straight, so to speak.

She has publicly declared that her prowess has nothing to do with her lesbianism. Broadcasting prowess, that is.

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A blow for free speech: Wi Popata has used the N word without Joris (so far) disapproving

February 6, 2012

Good news, old boy - Wi Popata says you don't have to be given a new name.

Dunno if this means Alf can put the N word back into his vocabulary.

Probably not.

But it’s heartening to learn that no arrests have been made – so far as Alf can ascertain at time of writing – in connection with the N word being bellowed at Maori politicians at Waitangi.

And Joris de Bres, our Race Relations Commissioner, has not denounced the use of the word during yet another boorish demonstration of hate and belligerence against The Boss and other political leaders.

Sure enough, the name Popata comes into the story.

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If Tiger Woods must be called an arsehole, he is a Cablinasian arsehole, not a black one

November 7, 2011

Look hard at this, Steve - he's not black.

Kiwi bag carrier Steve Williams gets an undue amount of publicity for a golf caddie.

A flair for shooting his mouth off, then saying sorry, helps explain what gets him into the headlines.

His latest indiscretion has been to call Tiger Woods a black arsehole.

This was wrong.

No, Alf is making no judgement on whether Woods is an arsehole. He is in no position to say, although he does recognise that Tiger seems to have been a prodigious shagger.

But the record should show that Woods is neither black nor an unadulterated African-American.

He is of mixed race and has strived over the years to impress this on people.

Steve Williams should know this, after working for several years as Woods’ caddie (and pocketing a handsome income as a consequence).

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If Murray Deaker had been watching his P’s and Q’s, he would have avoided the N word

June 4, 2011

The Dambusters with Guy Gibson (Richard Todd) and his dog whose name should not be mentioned in polite company.

So what does sports commentator Murray Deaker have in common with a celebrity hairdresser and a perfumier? They have all startled people and maybe upset some by using the N word.

The thing is, it has become increasingly naughty to use the N word over recent decades as attitudes change and its offensiveness is increased.

Alf wouldn’t mind betting he would be in bigger trouble if he publicly used the N word than if he brought the C word into play.

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The disgraceful muzzling of Murray Mexted

November 12, 2009

Murray Mexted, who has won a world-wide reputation for his expressive use of the English language, seems to have much the same problem as Hone Harawira.

He is in trouble for speaking his mind. Or so it seems.

Rugby personality Murray Mexted has claimed he was suspended from the Sky commentary team after criticising plans to cull four teams from the Air New Zealand Cup.

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