Rotterdam’s mayor tells intolerant Muslims where to go – Oxford publishers deserve the same advice

January 14, 2015
But can he face being banned by Oxford publishers?

But can he face being banned by Oxford publishers?

Alf salutes the mayor of Rotterdam, a bloke who has told fellow Muslims who don’t appreciate the freedoms of living in the West to ‘pack your bags and fuck off’.

The mayor is Ahmed Aboutaleb, a Moroccan-born Muslim, who gave his advice live on TV in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris last week.

It seems this mayor with balls is a former journalist who was appointed mayor of the Dutch city in 2008.

Not all journalists are ratbags, we may suppose.

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Fox News talks with an error expert – he says Birmingham is a no-go city for non-Muslims

January 12, 2015
More Muslims being shipped in by barge, presumably...

More Muslims being shipped in by barge, presumably…

Gotta say the Grumbles thoroughly enjoy Fox News and its unabashed lean to the right. That’s the way Radio NZ should lean and Alf can well understand why the Government hasn’t increased their budget for the past few years.

But Alf is not blind to Fox’s cavalier disregard for facts.

He was not surprised,, therefore, when a so-called ‘terrorism expert’ popped up to say everyone in Birmingham is a Muslim and non-Muslims “simply don’t go” into Britain’s second largest city.

Yep. It’s bollocks. But a bit of bollocks is more than compensated for by the blatant lean in favour of Alf’s world view politically.

On this occasion, fair to say, the terrorism expert turned out to be more an errorism expert.

His flair for talking pure bollocks, naturally, came to the attention of a mocking British press.

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One MP lost his balance – so why get a re-assertion of religious tolerance from the rest of us?

February 13, 2013

0 a tightrope

Oh dear, was this really necessary?

Alf refers to a bit of pottiness from the Green party, which has asked Parliament to re-assert its position on religious tolerance.

It seems to have happened while your long-serving MP was preoccupied on the back benches with checking his email.

He has a great gift for switching off, when anyone in Green stripes gets to their feet.

And his bench-mate has just nudged him to say the motion was passed unanimously.

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Dunno if Richard is ever a Dick, but he is bearded – and lots of Muslims are bearded too

February 12, 2013

0 a terrorist

0 a 34822394

The bloke pictured above would be allowed to fly on Western airline planes, if we followed the advice of New Zealand First MP Richard Prosser.

The young woman pictured right – a young Muslim woman – would be left on the ground.

Dunno which one you would rather sit with on a flight, but Alf rather fancies travelling with the young woman because he is not so sure the bloke above is too strong in the personal hygiene department.

It’s a pity she does not pass muster under Prosser’s proposed travel rules, intended to make flying safe.

CORRECTION: Alf is guilty of being a bit hasty.

Prosser has written a column, apparently, in which he suggested no young Muslims should be allowed to travel on Western airlines because most terrorists are Muslim.

But he was referring to male Moslems. The young woman pictured here would not be caught in his net.

So let’s read on…

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May I nibble a Swede?

January 16, 2009

Good questions have been raised at Kiwiblog, in the wake of the furore raised after two women were refused service at an Invercargill cafe because they come from Israel.

Would the Turkish Moslem café owner refuse to serve Israeli Arabs, and would he like it if a shop refused to serve Turks until Turkey apologises for the Armenian genocide (or even accept it happened), or Read the rest of this entry »