If you can spell neuropsychopharmacologist, you are sober enough not to have to listen to one

August 2, 2010

A fancy job description is one sure way of having the bloody news media savour and publish anything you say.

Alf accordingly expects them to regurgitate the stuff on booze preached by one David Nutt when he comes here, blissfully ignoring the caution that should be sounded by his surname.

They will give time and space to him because he is a psychiatrist and neuropsychopharmacologist.

What was that again?

Oh, yeah. He’s one of them neuropsychopharmacologists.

If the news media were doing their job and had their wits about them (whatever few wits they might be able to muster on a good day), they would break down that nomenclature and take special note of the psycho bit, as the assiduous Alf has done because he regards it as the critical part of the whole word.

Further warning bells should clang when the media buggers spot that this Nutt bloke has been fired by the British Government for shooting his mouth off.

Indeed, all the warning bells were sounded (and ignored) within the first two sentences of a report in the Press today:

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