We should worry more about political parties that plot in China than KiwiRail wagons built there

January 15, 2011

But should we vote for political parties that plan their campaigns in Beijing?

Alf had thought – and hoped – the Alliance Party was a spent force.

Not so. The buggers have popped up to rail against wagons for KiwiRail being made in China.

Presumably the surviving remnants of the Alliance are unable to recognise a more ominous Chinese threat: a new political party which is doing its plotting in Beijing.
The Alliance seems to be ignoring the new party. It prefers to bray its support for a bunch of union trouble-makers who are looking for ways of frustrating KiwiRail.

We learned earlier this week that railway wagons built in China and bound for New Zealand’s railway network may not be unloaded, if the Maritime Union carries out its threat.

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