We’ve sent our gunboat and caught fishing felons red-handed – now let’s sink them

January 13, 2015
Oops. Shouldn't Hitler's permission been sought?

Oops. Did Hitler give his approval?

Dunno why Royal New Zealand Navy officials have got to be so damned prissy.

According to the NZ Herald, last night they were seeking permission to board two fishing vessels in the Southern Ocean which have been found with illegal catches.

The offshore patrol vessel HMNZS Wellington has been monitoring the ships, Songhua and Kunlun, for close to a week and has captured video evidence of fishermen hauling in Antarctic toothfish – one of the most lucrative catches in the world.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade said the vessels were using gill nets, which were banned in the strictly regulated fishery around Antarctica because they were considered damaging to the marine ecosystem.

So – a fair cop, by the sounds of it.

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Media in a muddle about medals and the reason why Willie Apiata won’t front up for NZ Post

April 1, 2011

Being posted is one thing...

The media have got it wrong again.

They are banging on today about a new stamp issue honouring New Zealand’s 22 Victoria Cross holders.

And yes, the stamps are to be issued – by all accounts – without the country’s best-known living war hero.

Accoding to the Herald –

NZ Post will launch the Victoria Cross – the New Zealand Story, a series of 22, 60c stamps, on April 14.

Every VC winner from Captain Charles Heaphy, who fought in the New Zealand Wars, to Sergeant James Allen Ward, who fought in World War II, will be pictured.

But Corporal Willie Apiata will be represented on his stamp by his medal.

How come?

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