Let’s start with a sobriety test in the Emergency Department – those who flunk must pick up the tab

September 12, 2014


Alf’s party colleague Tony Ryall is retiring from politics at this election, to take up employment in the private sector he said at the time he made his announcement.

His retirement opens the way for a new Minister of Health to be appointed and – ahem – this post is intended to remind The Boss of the talents of the Member for Eketahuna North.

Ryall said he was proud of his work as Health Minister, especially in the areas of elective surgery, faster cancer treatment, and preventive health care.

Fair enough. But Alf is focused on the emergency wards of our hospitals and their workloads.

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The real outrage is how come bottled water costs more than booze or petrol

October 15, 2010

But a whisky bottle can't foot it with water bottles when it comes to providing footwear for poor people.

Dunno what the latest booze fuss is supposed to be about.

But a report at Stuff highlights research showing alcohol is so cheap that it costs less per drink than bottled water and only slightly more than milk.

So why doesn’t the research emphasise that water is now so outrageously over-priced, it is more expensive than booze?

More expensive than petrol too. Much more expensive.

The researchers from Otago University’s Wellington campus – a right rum lot, Alf suspects – are turning their preoccupation with the low price of plonk rather than the high price of water to a political purpose.

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The perils of sharing a bed

May 23, 2009

Too many people don’t read beyond the headlines. Mrs Grumble tends to be one of them, which is why Alf hopes she reads on and gets more detail when she spots

Many deaths linked to sharing bed

It’s all about cot deaths.

More than half of cot-death babies were sharing a bed when they died, new research shows.
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