A bad omen as the Navy dries out – we haven’t won a naval battle since the rum ration went

October 10, 2014
The Brits won this with booze in their bellies...

The Brits won this with booze in their bellies…

It sounds like a right rum load of bollocks to Alf, but the New Zealand Navy is clamping down on its booze culture.

Rear Admiral Jack Steer is reported to have announced a slew of new alcohol rules for the service.

Ships, at sea and docked, will go dry and sailors won’t be able to splurge on duty-free booze, or cigarettes, when overseas.

And during working hours, no sailor will be allowed to drink alcohol without express permission.

Steer announced the changes yesterday in an “all despatch” post to the approximately 1900-strong force.

He sounds awfully like one of those bloody wowsers from the days of the temperance movement.

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The real triumph is that Canterbury remains afloat after her American encounter

April 15, 2011

Te Kaha... rebuffed after a bit of speed dating.

A parliamentary scribe by name of Martin Kay is banging on today about a United States navy helicopter landing on the deck of the New Zealand navy ship Canterbury.

Wow. Let’s stand up and salute.

Obviously we are supposed to regard this as some sort of triumph because Kay warbles that this is

… the most significant sign yet of the thaw in military relations.

The word “significant” gets lots of use.

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