Danielle has given us plenty of good reasons to stay clear of Kawerau

November 7, 2010

In Kawerau, ladies, you are regarded as an ugly kid even if you grow up looking like this...

Alf wonders if it has something to do with the world view of people who live in Kawerau.

They see ugliness where others see something very different.

Whatever it might be, New Zealand’s Next Top Model winner, Danielle Hayes, today tells how she was bashed by bullies and branded “ugly” in her home town.


Alf’s world view was shaped in Eketahuna and he sees things differently.

The TV show’s judges presumably see things Alf’s way, too, because they have described Hayes as “the face of the future”.

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How the HoS gave only the scantiest of glimpses at women going naked to promote healthy images

October 17, 2010

Love Your Body Day in the USA ... Whitney Thompson posed nude with Chenese Lewis (behind her) for the occasion.

In NZ this threesome opted for body paint.

Alf has been cheated – not for the first time – by the Herald on Sunday.

Its online menu today includes an item headed: Naked truth

Alf has spent a lifetime promoting the truth, all the truth and nothing but the truth, a mission which – naturally – includes anything covered (or uncovered) by the naked truth.

The first para of the online HoS story said –

AUCKLAND: Three women stripped and paraded along Ponsonby Rd to promote healthy body image yesterday as part of Love Your Body Day.

Then came the “more” invitation.

The temptation not to hit it was hard to resist.

Alf did not fight the temptation.

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