Focussing on fiscal fillip and folly

February 17, 2009

A big hurrah went up from right-leaning quarters of the blogosphere after the Business Roundtable’s Roger Kerr sounded out on the shortcomings of fiscal stimulus in the NZ Herald.

Kerr is particularly bothered by the pressure on the government in these recessionary times to increase its spending to give the economy a fiscal lift and likens increased spending to throwing petrol on a fire.
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Icon on Ngati Toa’s cake

February 12, 2009

Now that Ngati Toa have been given some sort of right to the Ka Mate haka as part of a treaty settlement, and say they want to protect it from “inappropriate use”, here’s hoping they deliver the goods.

Inappropriate use should be any use of the haka by anyone anywhere except on a Ngati Toa marae, preferably in a sound-proofed room.

If that means Alf never sees one again, or hears the intimidating whoops and grunts that go with it, he will breath a sigh of enormous relief.
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