Nth Korea’s leader can show us what should be done to those who favour changing our national flag

November 2, 2014
A warning to flag tinkerers...

A warning to flag tinkerers…

Alf has revised his view of the North Korean despot, Kim Jong Un, a bloke he had been apt to dismiss as mad as well as tyrannical.

No longer.

A fierce and highly admirable patriotic streak that Alf admires became evident today. 

The young  bugger is reported to have ordered one of his top military officials be dragged from his home and shot by firing squad for…

For bloody good reasons, in this case.

The top military official had changed the words of a socialist anthem when singing karaoke.

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North Korea – where the punishment for drinking during the mourning period can be mortar-fying

October 25, 2012

Gotta say it’s great to have been born a Kiwi and not a North Korean.

Among other things, your North Korean authorities took a very dim view of anyone indulging in pleasurable activities throughout the mourning period for Kim Jong-il.

We are talking about a 100-day mourning period and we are talking about drinking being a pleasurable activity.

Having to abstain from drink for 100 days would sorely test Alf and – fair to say – most of his mates.

Mind you, perhaps the North Korean tipple is rice wine or some such, in which case maybe Alf could give it a miss for 100 days, and even for a lifetime.

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Yes, there was a pong around Kim Jong Il – and here you’ll learn why

December 20, 2011

Nobody wants to sit beside a shit - not even in North Korea.

Official accounts of the death of North Korea’s self-styled “Dear Leader” – like just about everything from that benighted country – should be disbelieved.

They are saying Kim Jong Il died from a heart attack while travelling by train on Saturday morning.


We get lots of clues to what really happened from this obituary.

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A step closer to being blown away

June 3, 2009

Kazakhstan is the place where Borat, its most famous citizen, drinks vodka and traditional Kazakh wine made from fermented horse urine.
But –

Just in case anyone doubted it, Borat’s Kazakhstan is indeed a work of fiction. Horses do not yet have the vote here, women do ride on the inside of buses (and collect the fares too) and the country’s chief Rabbi not long ago praised the government for its support of the small Jewish community

There’s a darker side.
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