We should all be quaking on learning that nudity can have disastrous consequences

June 8, 2015
So who offended the spirits on this occasion?

So who offended the spirits on this occasion?

Alf has been shaken not by an earthquake but by the realisation that earthquakes may be caused by nudity and piddling in places other than dunnies.

He has been alerted to this phenomenon in a troubling report from Petaling Jaya, a city not far from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

The headline grimly advises readers… 

Sabah quake: Mount Kinablu may be “angry” with nudists, say locals

Then there’s this dismaying first para:

 The 7.17am earthquake in Ranau may have been caused by aki (mountain protectors) angered over tourists who stripped and urinated at Mount Kinabalu.

These mountain protectors, Alf imagines, are akin to our taniwha.

This being so he will be showing much greater respect than previously, next time he meets a taniwha.

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It’s too bad some blokes had the gall to ogle these bare-breasted human rights battlers

April 5, 2010

The battle for gender equality ...alas, the Maine Sunday Telegram went behind the lines for its photographs.

According to news reports from Portland, Maine, about two dozen women marched topless from the city’s Longfellow Square to Tommy’s Park at the weekend.

Their purpose was to erase what they see as a double standard on male and female nudity.

They were promoting the freedom of women to be topless in public.

About two dozen women drew a crowd of onlookers when they shed their shirts and marched downtown in Maine’s largest city to promote what they call equal-opportunity public toplessness.

Organizer Ty MacDowell said the point of Saturday’s march in Portland was that a topless woman out in public shouldn’t attract any more attention than a man who walks around without a shirt.

Maybe she shouldn’t. But it’s odds on she will.

Maybe it’s got something to do with hormones.
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Despatcher of dirty e-mails gets his come-uppance

August 19, 2009

Good to see an employer successfully appeal another daft decision in a sacked employee’s favour from the Employment Relations Authority.

This time, says the NZ Herald, the ERA had ruled in favour of a Philip Walker who successfully argued that the dirty emails he sent were part of a wider workplace culture.

So just how much filth can a bloke send in company time, according to the ERA?

Walker had been sacked from his job as a purchasing officer after sending 425 non-work-related emails to colleagues and family members between March and September last year.
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But would it expose naked ambition?

July 10, 2009

Dunno who’s wierder – the business psychologist who persuaded staff at a design and marketing company in Britain to spend a day working together naked to raise their morale. Or the bloody staff who took the advice.

According to The Telegraph –

David Taylor, a business psychologist, told workers at design and marketing onebestway, in Newcastle upon Tyne, that a Naked Friday idea would boost their team spirit.
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