One thing we know about No. 11 on the NZ First list is that he isn’t a spy (according to his leader)

September 22, 2014

He has left us guessing.

He has left us guessing.

Alf looks forward to bumping into one Mahesh Bindra some time soon.

This fellow is described in the NZ Herald today as the lowest-ranked NZ First MP.

More fascinating, however, he is reported to be refusing to say what job he did before politics.

Alf suspects this may be a consequence of Mahesh Bindra being a shy fellow who is especially bashful that he has been doing something menial, like being the bloke who empties the rubbish bins in some Government department.

This might explain why his leader, Winston Peters, is also refusing to say what his 11th-ranked MP does for a living.

But Peters did tell us what Bindra does not do.

“I can tell you, he’s not a spy,” said Mr Peters this morning.

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Up and Adam – Trouble is, Winston Peters is only thinking about charging into East Coast Bays

July 19, 2014
If Winston Peters was in charge of the charge, we would still be waiting for his orders...

If Winston Peters was in charge of the charge, we would still be waiting for his orders…

Adam Bennett is a political reporter for the New Zealand Herald

Can’t say he is any good at it because he has never interviewed Alf or reported his speeches.

But he would make a much worse defence or war correspondent.

Alf makes this judgement today on the strength of the very daft first paragraph to a story about someone who has been in Parliament almost as long as Alf.

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The Worm turned for Phil Goff, maybe, but who wants help from a spineless parasite?

November 22, 2011

Alf was out on the hustings last night, hoping to convert any lefties or greenies in his audience to vote for him on Saturday and so (all going well) give him 100 per cent of the vote in Eketahuna North. Hence he was much too busy to pay any attention to the leaders’ debate on TV3.

He was surprised, therefore, to read this morning that Labour leader Phil Goff has had a boost in the final days of the campaign after being judged the winner by TV3’s “worm”.

As Stuff reports, the debate between Goff and The Boss came as National tries to point out the parlous future that lies in store if NZ First holds the balance of power.

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When it comes to relevance, Peters does for politics what pigeons do for the post

July 31, 2011

After the secrets have been
delivered, you can eat the messenger - but what can be done with Peters?

Alf is confident that none of his party colleagues would ever suspect him of leaking party polling data to Winston Peters.

But just in case – the answer is no, he has not been leaking data and he steers well clear of Peters.

Moreover, he advises his constituents not to bother looking at other Nats for the culprit. Maybe there isn’t one.

He draws attention to Peters’ track record in the credibility department.

More particularly, he draws attention to a post at Kiwiblog which effectively deals with Peters’ pledge that his party will follow the rules on disclosing political donations.

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It’s the stuff of nightmares – Winston and his mob have risen from the dead

December 6, 2010

Or rather, that's where we thought they were - but the awful truth is we were wrong.

Alf was sure we had buried Winston Peters and the NZ First mob at the last election.

Alas, not so. A media release from an outfit called Horizonpolls is headlined New Zealand First May Decide Which Main Party Governs

The online polling firm has found that New Zealand First now has enough support to decide which of the main two parties will govern after next year’s general election.

The Winston Peters-led party now has 6% support among people who say they will vote, according to the latest nationwide HorizonPoll, covering 1,833 intending voters.

What’s wrong with Kiwi voters?

Do they not forget all that stuff about the funding of NZ First and the obstinate Peters’ belligerent responses whenever he was asked for a bit of good old accountability?

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Winnie (would you believe it?) says sorry

July 16, 2009

Good to see we aren’t being lumbered with a humbled, contrite Winston Peters who has spent the last several months learning how to change his ways and talk comforably and candidly to news media.

True, he has e-mailed an apology to the party saying “sorry” for events leading up to the last election will clear the way for a “new beginning”. But the apology isn’t a personal one so much as a shared one – a collective “we” are doing the apologising and saying sorry.

The email comes as the party prepares for its annual gathering on August 29 demoralised by an election loss and a bruising year in which Mr Peters faced controversy over donations to the secretive Spencer Trust and was embarrassed by revelations of a $100,000 donation from billionaire businessman Owen Glenn.
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Keep your eyes on the motorway, Melissa

May 12, 2009

There are bigger issues at stake in Mt Albert – motorway developments, for example – than the ill-considered remarks of the pharmacist who told Melissa Lee he wouldn’t vote for her because he “didn’t think we need Asians in Parliament”.

Actually, there’s not much anyone can do about the opinions that people harbour.

One of Alf’s constituents wouldn’t vote for him because “we don’t need geriatrics in Parliament”, then moved to Sydenham and voted for Jim Anderton. It takes all sorts in a democracy.

Anyway, after raising a ruckus, the pharmacist has been gracious enough to apologise.
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