Meatworkers’ election money is belatedly declared

April 30, 2009

So look at what the Labour Party has been up to now, in the electoral shenanigans department.

Secretary and financial agent Mike Smith says that he has presented the annual return of donations for the Labour Party to the Electoral Commission due today, and advised the Commission that an aggregated donation of $25,500 from three branches of the NZ Meatworkers Union made at separate times should have been declared within ten days of receipt of the final donation in November 2008.

This omission was an oversight but is in breach of Section 210C of the Electoral Act as recently amended which requires that a return of party donations from the same donor amounting to more than $20,000 within any twelve-month period be made within ten working days of the limit being reached.

Smith acknowledged that he is personally responsible for the “oversight” and said he regrets the error.

Alas, whatever embarrassment he suffers by making this public confession is likely to be the only penalty imposed on him.