A thought for Pene – if the people who need rescuing aren’t Maori, what then?

March 10, 2011

But if it's not a Maori dog, shouldn't we leave it for someone else to rescue?

There’s a New Zealand rugby team, the All Blacks. So Maori wanted their own team, the Maori All Blacks.

New Zealand has a public broadcasting corporation, TVNZ. So Maori demanded and got their own TV corporation, Maori Television.

New Zealand has a government broadcasting funding agency, NZ On Air, which invests your money and mine in a range of local television, radio, music and new media content “to extend choices for New Zealand audiences”. Oh, and NZ on Air has a Maori Innovation fund ($1 million) for the creation of innovative, primetime Māori television programmes. Applications close 5pm, 15 April. But sure enough, Maori wanted their own funding agency and so we have Te Mangai Paho which makes funding available (your money and mine) to the national network of Maori radio stations and for the production of Maori language television programmes, radio programmes and music CDs.

We have Sportsman (and Sportswoman) of the Year Awards open to all. And so, inevitably, Maori had to have their own sports awards (non-Maori keep out).

We have elections at which all New Zealanders can vote in general electorates. But then there’s a cluster of Maori seats in which your eligibility to vote is determined by your ethnicity.

Yep. You’ve got to be one of our special indigenous people to vote in these electorates.

We have a civil defence force that has been doing a splendid job in the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake. And so – it had to happen – some bugger has popped up to suggest it’s time for a Maori civil defence force.

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Melissa’s media magnetism – is it so admirable?

May 14, 2009

Must have a word with Melissa Lee.

She is doing what Alf has failed to do – she is winning national headlines. Big-time.

Alf has awoken to news from NZPA that:

National’s candidate for the Mount Albert by-election, Melissa Lee, waded into deeper controversy last night by saying a new motorway could stop criminals coming from South Auckland and committing crime in the suburb.

Ms Lee, a list MP, made the comment at a candidates meeting for the June 13 by-election.

There was heated debate at the meeting on the New Zealand Transport Agency’s $1.4 billion motorway proposal, announced by the Government on Tuesday, which will use a combination of above ground and underground sections to make up the 4.5km Auckland motorway extension between Waterview and Mt Roskill.

NZPA (perhaps unable to cover the meeting as a consequence of staff cuts over the past year or so) actually based its report on a Radio NZ report.
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