The promotion of organic foods looks unlikely to build much appetite for the People’s Choice Party

August 13, 2011

A bit of bad news for the Green Party can be found in the Daily Mail today. Things aren’t going too well for the organic food business in Britain.

When economic times are tough and spending money is short, consumers will opt for cheap rather than organic.

This news will come as a blow, too, to the People’s Choice Party, because it burst into life with a media release recently to extoll the virtues of organically grown tucker.

Alf was surprised at the time. He had forgotten all about the People’s Choice Party, which had been conceived in 1997 when Doug Wilson began a protest walk from New Plymouth to Wellington collecting signatures for a petition calling for the then Governor-General Sir Michael Hardie Boys to impose a snap election.

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The remarkable health insights of a kumera grower

November 16, 2009

If you go to the company’s home-page, you will be told Cedenco is “Where good food begins”.

Tell that to Lillian Gray, an organic kumera grower at Tolaga Bay.

Lillian could be heard on Radio NZ’s Te Ahi Kaa last night banging on about market gardens in her neck of the woods being health hazards.

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