Carry on crims – the court decrees cops can’t use candid camera to film your crooked capers

September 17, 2011

And if the cops are filming us, they won 't be able to use the evidence in court.

Gotta tell you Alf is with the NZ Police Assoication, when it says an urgent law change is needed to allow Police to continue to act against drug dealers and organised crime.

The call comes after the Supreme Court’s ruling that Police have no legal authority to use video surveillance to gather evidence.

This lack of “legal” authority led to the withdrawal of several charges laid in relation to Operation Eight.

This is more than just a shame. It’s a bloody disgrace.

Alf was always very fond of Candid Camera and similar programmes, which used secretly located cameras.

Their stunts often caught people doing the things that people do if they think they are not being watched.

And that’s the bloody point.

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Land grab fears raised in gang crackdown

April 10, 2009

A blow has been struck against gangs with the passing of a law making it easier for the cops to seize the assets and profits illegally obtained by gangs – from the manufacture and supply of methamphetamine, for example.

It’s the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Bill, which repeals the Proceeds of Crime Act 1991 and introduces a new civil forfeiture regime to complement an enhanced criminal forfeiture regime.

Justice Minister Simon Power says senior organised crime figures for too long have been able to hide behind the people they hire to carry out their dirty work.
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