No, their water has not been cut off, but the slow flow raises questions about who owns it

March 9, 2013

The question of who owns water has been raised by some fascinating goings-on in the Manawatu-Tararua region.

Local Maori elders haven’t yet popped up to complain they haven’t been consulted. Or to claim that it’s their water.

But a betting bloke would put money on them doing at least one of those two things some time soon.

The goings-on that are the subject of this post are reported here.

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Fouling of the Manawatu River – a city council gets away with it while farmers are prosecuted

September 20, 2011

Much further upstream you might find the Tui girls - if you're lucky.

Andrew Hoggard – good bloke, by the way – is bang on when he calls for councils to be treated the same as farmers if they breach their resource consents.

He’s the president of Manawatu-Rangitikei Federated Farmers and was commenting on the outrageous revelations that Palmerston North City Council’s sewage treatment plant has failed to comply with conditions for discharging wastewater into the Manawatu River since it opened in 2003.

But the bloody regional council – which would pounce if a farmer had muddied the river – has not bothered to prosecute the city council.

Hoggard at least can now demonstrate that farmers aren’t the only culprits when it comes to polluting the river.

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