Update on the Peda file: the lad from Dipton has a PESS mess to clean up

January 7, 2011

My involvement in the Peda matter? Let me think about it...

When the Beehive announces something just before Christmas, Alf learned long ago, they are hoping people are so preoccupied with preparations for the festive season that they won’t pay much attention.

It worked with Alf, when the Peda file was updated.

In effect, the announcement was that Santa would not be bringing goodies to the Pacific Economic Development Agency (Peda).

This company with a single shareholder – some of us might recall – was given a generous dollop of dosh ($4.8m over four years) in the May Budget to “improve the economic wellbeing of Pacific people in Auckland”.

But this handout caused something of a ruckus about shortcomings with the tender process and the over-riding of Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs advice that Peda was unproven and a risky investment.

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