Bad buggers will now find it that much harder to persuade the Parole Board to give them a break

February 25, 2015

Alf looks forward to returning home at the end of the week to bask in the acclamation of his mates in the Eketahuna Club. They are tough on law and order and will be chuffed about the passage of some legislation dealing with parole hearings.

The Bill was aimed at reducing the number of unnecessary parole hearings for offenders who still pose a threat to the community.

It increases the maximum interval between hearings from one year to two years. For serious offenders on indeterminate sentences – such as life imprisonment or preventive detention – or sentences of 10 or more years, the maximum time between parole hearings increases from three to five years.

The Bill also includes a range of measures to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the parole system.

Helped by an “aye” vote from Alf, it passed its third and final reading in Parliament last night.

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Say something Sam – the shameful escape of an unmonitored killer happened on your watch

November 10, 2014

Alf isn’t too impressed by the time it is taking his colleague, Sam Lotu-Iaga, to do his job as Minister of Corrections and say something about the outrageous escape of a convicted killer who the cops and Parole Board have described as dangerous.

Mind you, Sam is a fellow Nat and Alf would never ever say anything harsh about a fellow Nat. Not publicly.

But obviously some bloody silly decisions have been made within Sam’s departmental bailiwick to facilitate the escape of one Phillip Smith, a convicted murderer and child abuser.

Smith was let out for a jolly old bit of free time in the community last Thursday morning.

Nobody saw fit to stick an electronic monitor on him.

So he did a flit.

Not a midnight flit. No, it was a morning one, in broad daylight.

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How to cut costs (and do it without ceremony)

June 12, 2009

Idea for cutting back on government spending: let’s cut out the crap and the ceremony.

The thought came to Alf when he was musing on a media statement from Crusher Collins in her capacity as Minister of Corrections (a title with a nice social engineering ring to it; actually, she is our Minister of Dungeons and Prison Cells).

She was banging on about the establishment of specialist prison release teams to help prisoners reintegrate into society and improve the safety of the parole process.
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