Impertinent media are now poking into Paul’s Parliamentary perks and politicking

July 27, 2014
If the taxpayers didn't want us to slurp from the trough, they would stop filling it.

If the taxpayers didn’t want us to slurp from the trough, they would stop filling it.

Alf observes that a party bench-mate, Paul Foster-Bell, has been a quick learner of how to slurp from the Parliamentary expenses trough.

At first he seemed unaware of how far a fellow can go when travelling at the expense of the taxpayer.

But he has quickly learned how to making the most of it.

This is all to clear from a record of his expenses published today at Stuff, which gives him no credit for keeping his expenses so low in the second quarter of 2013.

Data published by the newspaper show his claims record has been:

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After a posting to Saudi Arabia, our next MP will be looking forward to a welcome-home snifter – or two

April 24, 2013

Alf looks forward to Paul Foster-Bell becoming National’s newest MP.

He hopes the newcomer will be welcomed as heartily as Alf was welcomed when he was our newest MP, back in….

Well, let’s just say it was back a few years.

According to Stuff (here), Foster-Bell will take up the list seat vacated by Jackie Blue, who has quit to become the new equal employment opportunities commissioner, something she surely will do with much more aplomb and good humour than her very earnest predecessor.

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