Another story from Dr Paul’s casebook – the re-energising of Chris Auchenvole with a stent

April 11, 2012

Has Brigitte become much more wrinkled since then?

Your hard-working member has been forging a much closer friendship with the splendid Paul Hutcheson in recent days.

An element of self-interest comes into it (although Alf is not admitting to it). He had been told how Paul – bloody good bloke and a doctor – helped steer Chris Auchinvole to treatment for a dicky ticker.

Mind you, Alf could have diagnosed Chris’s problem too, if consulted, because Chris had been experiencing pain while walking up stairs.

No, not in the legs. In the chest.

That’s spells trouble of some sort and needs checking out.

Anyway, Chris mentioned the pains to Paul, and Paul gave him bloody good advice, and now Chris has had one of those stent things put in an artery.

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