Savage dogs are a menace – but a mandatory microchipping regime didn’t muzzle these mastiffs

March 4, 2014

All decent people will be distressed that a Japanese girl is in a critical condition in hospital after she was mauled by four dogs.

The girl, aged 7, was playing in the yard of a property in the Bay of Plenty forestry town of Murupara owned by friends of the family when she was attacked by four “mastiff-type” dogs.

Police say the dogs belonged to the owner of the property.

All four dogs were put down by a vet and a police investigation is under way.

But here’s the bit in a report at Stuff that drew the attention of the Grumbles:

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The orgasmic work of the Marsden Fund

October 9, 2009

Alf takes it back. The research into moa and crows he was banging on about yesterday at least is the stuff of what he reckons is proper science.

Some projects being financed by the Marsden Fund have a much stronger whiff of misapplied science money around them.

Example: “Young adults, drinking stories and the cult of celebrity”, the work of one Dr A.C.Lyons at Massey University. Good grief. The Marsden Fund has dished out $864,000 for it.

Then there’s “Beethoven’s middle period string quartets in context: ideology, performance, reception ”. Dr N.R.November, at the University of Auckland, is being given $285,000 for that lot.

Mind you, so far as Alf can see, none of the money this year has gone to lesbian writers for research involving orgasms.

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