Forget about the the Maori and Mana Parties – let’s study Act’s cunning plans to win Maori votes

July 11, 2011

Alf is surprised it took the Maori Party more than two minutes to reject a proposed deal by the Mana Party not to stand against each other in the Maori electorates at this year’s general election.

Mind you, he must acknowledge that maybe it didn’t take that long.

Whatever happened, we learn from Stuff today that representatives from both parties met in Rotorua last week in an attempt to heal the rift which has been growing since Hone Harawira quit the Maori Party in February over its support of the National-led government.

As Stuff reminds us, it culminated with name-calling and heckling from both sides during last month’s Tai Tokerau by-election campaign.

Having vilified his former colleagues and won the seat, Hone extended an olive branch to meet and put the parties’ differences between them before November’s election.

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Piles of cow-papa are mounting in reports about Hone being disciplined in The Maori Way

February 2, 2011

On the other hand, we could pop down to the pub and talk things through.

What’s all this pap about “the Maori way”?

The expression has popped up in some media in their reports on signs of a partial reconciliation between Maori Party MPs Hone Harawira and Te Ururoa Flavell following a hui near Rotorua on Tuesday.

It looks like just another bit of political stoush to Alf, and it was triggered by comments Hone made in a newspaper article when he said voters were abandoning the Maori Party because it was coming off the rails and getting too close to National.

Dunno why anyone should complain about geting too close to National, or why that should drive sensible voters away, but that’s Hone for you, eh?

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