A new species of primate is exposed by its willy – and maybe the missus has been monkeying around

April 14, 2015


Alf is not normally inclined to discuss domestic matters on this blog.

But he was seriously upset this morning by an unkind remark from the missus.

She had been perusing the Daily Mail where she learned all about the discovery of a new species of monkey.

The discovery was made after scientists learned to distinguish the monkey by the appearance of its penis.

The white-cheeked macaque was discovered in the remote highland forests of south-east Tibet after researchers set up camera traps.

The monkey has a distinctive rounded penis rather than the arrow shaped genitalia found on other species in the area.

Officially named Macaca leucogenys, it earned its common name due to the pale whiskers on its chin and the side of its face.

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Is that Moby Dick’s spout on the horizon, Cap’n Ahab – or is it one of them political dicks?

March 14, 2010

It's a whale of a whanger (or a whanger of a whale)...

... but Jumbo's is impressive too.

The Busted Blonde deliciously illustrated a posting on that Peter Bethune bugger with a picture of a penis. A whale’s penis.

Alf does not intend contesting the proposition that a whale’s penis is bigger than an elephant’s. But he understands that, for its size, the elephant has the bigger appendage.

Interesting, eh?

But actually, this posting is not about which creature has the bigger penis. Alf is more fascinated in musing on who is the bigger dick.

The candidates this morning are Labour wailer Chris Carter and anti-whaler Bethune.
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