A remarkable skill: Peter Dunne doesn’t have to read a book to measure its muck content

September 2, 2014


Gotta say there’s nothing quite as satisfying as pitching an election message to a bunch of well-heeled old farts.

They will even give a big cheer to the likes of Peter Dunne if he says the right thing.

Peter struck the right note in his home patch of Ohariu when he was questioned about Nicky Hager’s Dirty Politics and about the ethics and integrity of politics.

According to this report at Stuff,

…the UnitedFuture leader said he would not read it and labelled it “muckraking”.

It was a sentiment that drew the biggest cheer from the 150-strong crowd at Johnsonville’s Malvina Major Retirement Village yesterday, the large majority of whom were residents.

That’s the right way – and the right-wing way, hurrah – to deal with trash dressed up as a literary revellation.

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For Pete’s sake, look what the Herald has done to Dunne – it has dented his nerdy visage

August 21, 2014
"This could take some time, Pete - I'm looking for a glimmer of a sense of humour."

“This could take some time, Pete – I’m looking for a glimmer of a sense of humour.”

Dunno if you can put this in the political smear category.

But it’s a revelation and it’s seriously image-shattering.

The NZ Herald has damaged popular impressions of Peter Dunne by saying:

Peter Dunne says people aren’t always aware of his sense of humour

This is in the same league as “Crusher Collins says people aren’t always aware of her sense of fair play” (a headline Alf suspects he will not see in his lifetime).

People aren’t always aware of Dunne’s sense of humour, of course, because finding a glimmer of it requires the sort of drilling operation that is apt to have the Greenies mounting an environmental protest.

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The Problem Gambling mob are moaning about muzzling but maybe others can do their job better

March 21, 2014
It looks like the Salvation Army had a better hand.

It looks like the Salvation Army had a better hand.

Running a business always has risks, the more so should it become dependent on Government money.

In that case, you might say, there is an element of a gamble about maintaining the business’s cash flow, because the bosses can never rule out the tap being turned off at some time by the politicians, the bureaucrats or both.

The same goes for providers of social services.

We should bear this in mind while listening to bleats from pinkos, lefties and other assorted hand-wringers that the Problem Gambling Foundation has had its Government funding cut off because it opposed the controversial SkyCity convention centre deal.

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Passing the bill that lets the spooks get on with it should be done and dusted – but maybe not

June 23, 2013

Peter Dunne, the leader of a party that no longer officially exists, says he hasn’t decided whether he’ll support a bill that would allow the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) to spy on New Zealanders.

The authorities who decide these things are still counting the numbers of people who have signed on as UnitedFuture members.

Meanwhile your splendid government is anxious to safeguard you against the constant threat of terrorists.

It is hoping to rush a bill through Parliament to allow the GCSB to get on with the job of tapping phones, eavesdropping, snooping, prying and so on that is essential to keep us safe.

Dunne’s vote in Parliament could be crucial if the Maori Party votes against the bill.

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Unwise and even stupid people can be found outside politics – at a city golf club, for example

June 8, 2013

The heading on the number three item on the Herald’s home page, when Alf checked this evening, said: Dunne: I was unwise, even stupid.

We all know what that’s about.

It was about United Future leader Peter Dunne’s 30-year political career being in ruins after he refused to co-operate fully with an inquiry into who leaked a report on spy agency the GCSB (see here).

Thus a bloke who once led a parliamentary team of eight MPs on the strength of his portraying it as the common-sense party had shown he is capable of being uncommonly senseless.

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Peter Dunne persists with denying he has done any leaking – but he has exposed himself as a drip

June 7, 2013

Damn. Why did it have to be Peter Dunne?

Let there be no misunderstanding here. It’s not a matter of having much regard for Dunne. For starters, anyone who prefers to sport a bow tie rather than a proper tie (preferably with a Windsor knot) is apt to earn a place in Alf’s bad books for sartorial bad-taste reasons.

But the resignation of this fellow opens the one ministerial spot that is best given a wide berth. Revenue. Ugh!

Have you had a hard look at the sorts of things that come into the bailiwick of, and therefore must be absorbed by, the Minister of Revenue? It’s sheer tedium. Dunne was just the sort of bloke who could smile and say it’s a fun job.

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Nice one, Pete – we would like to know where the revenue-grabbing speed cameras are hidden, too

April 27, 2013

Good on ya, Peter Dunne, for having a crack at the cops over their hidden speed cameras.

He is trying to find out where in the Wellington region the cameras are being used.

Alf might encourage him to extend his campaign to cover the Wairarapa.

The story popped up on the telly last night (see here).

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Look what happened to the carpark tax … a few yelps, a quick U-turn, and it’s vanished

March 18, 2013

It took a while for the shit to hit the fan.

In the upshot, Peter Dunne has been spattered more than we Nats. Just as well.

Fairness might have been run over, too, but too hell with fairness. This was all about a threat to our getting re-elected.

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Before The Boss gets into bed with Winston Peters, should we remind him of the whiff of fish?

September 25, 2012

It looks more like churlish defiance, when Banks does it,

There are days when Alf thinks it’s a shame the Common Sense Party led by the short-arsed Peter Dunne doesn’t command much greater support.

Not too much more support.

Just enough to give them a few more seats in the House than just Dunne’s.

And then The Boss would not be facing the dilemma portrayed at the weekend by the NZ Herald’s John Armstrong.

It’s the dilemma of being lumbered with Banks by virtue of needing his vote to secure a majority on legislation where National has no backing from the Maori Party.

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How many attended United Future’s conference? Too many for a phone box (but not by much)

August 26, 2012

News of United Future holding a conference at the weekend had Alf musing on how much it would have cost to rent a phone box for the occasion.

He now concedes he was being ungenerous in harbouring that thought.

United Future needed a bit more space than that.

But not much more. At a squeeze, they could have held their conference in the Grumbles’ bathroom.

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